All About Benito Castro  Biography, Career, Net Worth, Family & Dead

All About Benito Castro Biography, Career, Net Worth, Family & Dead


Do you want to know about a famous Mexican star who doesn’t have a name in one industry? He has vast fame for acting, singing, comedy, composing, and more. Benito Castro is one of the professionals and seniors in the industry, having talent in all these fields and becoming a big name as an actor, singer, comedian, composer, church musician, and more. Thus, are you curious to know more about Benito Castro and who he is? Family, career, net worth, how he died? There are many interesting facts and aspects of Benito Castro. In this blog, we will investigate all these fantastic aspects and the life journey of this incredible star of Mexico. Let’s explore together! 

Biography Of Benito Castro

Benito Castro is one of Mexico’s most senior and well-known professional Mexican actors, singers, comedians, composers, and church musicians. Well, his friends and family called him by his nickname, El Bigoton. Benito Castro was born on June 5, 1946, in Mexico City. 

Benito Castro is a kind and gentle man who is very good and funny as a comedian. However, he was born and raised in Mexico City and finds love to make other people happy and laugh. Thus, he started his career in the entertainment and acting field and became more famous for his excellent stand-up comedy. He has made a significant contribution to Making people laugh and happy. 

Furthermore, Benito became a well-known personality in the television entertainment industry. His kind nature and calm personality attracted a massive audience toward himself. People like him because he is friendly and makes everyone laugh at all age groups. 

After his successful life journey, Benito Castro also became a voice actor as he gave his voice to different animated characters and made them so real. Benito made a positive and kind impact on the audience throughout his career. That is the reason for his popularity.

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Family Of Benito Castro

However, as he is a popular personality, everyone wants to know about his family. Let’s explore. 

Parents Of Benito Castro

His father, Arturo Castro, was a famous Mexican comedian and actor, especially at the golden phase of Mexican cinema. His mother, Rosa Hernandez de Castro, was a homemaker. This Benito has followed his family line, pursued his father’s career, and became a famous musician and actor.

Relationship Status Or Wife’s Of Benito Castro

However, Benito Castro never disclosed his family. He always prioritizes the privacy of the family, but something that has to be known. Benito Castro has married twice in his life. Karen Kaxzmarczyk was Benito Castro’s first wife; they were married from 1974 to 2008. Well, they have three children together. The second marriage in his life was held from 2008 until his passing in 2023. Deborah Ochoa was his second wife. 

Career Journey Of Benito Castro

Los Hermanos Castro

Benito started his career journey at a young age; he joined a musical group named Los Hermanos Castro, which his cousin owns. However, it was started in 1950 by three brothers, Arturo, Javier & Jorge Castro. Three years later, their first cousin entered Gualberto Castro. Thus, this group gained popularity in Europe, South America, the United States, and more with their talented music skills. 

Moreover, when the group was working on an extended contract in Las Vegas, Benito joined the group. However, as Castro’s left, they needed somebody to take time for them, and Benito was one. Benito was working hard, as he have an interest in the field. He played guitar and gave a new Zing with his fantastic comedy skills. However, his figure and skill have recently passed the group a rise and shape. At the same time, he declared that he had fallen in love with a dancer in a show in Las Vegas. Hence, he gets married to a woman at an early age and becomes a father. 

Then he started playing gigs with Los Hermanos Castro and made a musical duo like Campos. He and Kiko work with each other, play in nightclubs, record different albums, and perform together in nightclubs and concerts. 


Benito debuted his journey of personality from Acapulco for the Mexican television show La Carolina de Ambrosio from 19779 to 1983. However, his fantastic comedy and mimic skills helped him open the door for Benito to participate in a massive Mexican television show called LA Ensalada de Locos. Here, a huge audience will be the evidence of his comedy skills. In the 1980s, Castro wrote a theme for the television series Anabel, which was also seen in other television series. First, he created the character of El Papagringo with Maria Elena Saldana on Paco’s sadness andale. However, he has been interested in his career journey.

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Net Worth Of Benito Castro

However, Benito was a famous and well-known personality in the film, music & comedy industry. As he was very prominent in the audience, he must have had a luxurious lifestyle with valuable things. According to Wikipedia and different resources, it is confirmed that Benito Castro had around $10-20 Million. 

How Did Benito Die? 

On Monday, September 11, the unbelievable news that a well-known actor and comedian Benito Castro died was confirmed. However, it was a tragic accident in his life that ended everything. As he was getting ready for his regular work, he got the call scheduled for 8 am and suddenly fell down the stairs. However, at that moment, he could only call her home, seeking women who worked at his house and asking for help. 

In the afternoon, one of his nephews confirmed the death of this outstanding actor and comedian. However, he did not suffer from any illness,that accident caused his death. Michelle Castro stated that his head fell down the stairs, breaking ribs and puncturing his lungs, which is the main reason for his death.  At the time, he was 77, and this industry lost the gentleman Benito Castro

Wrap up

Benito Castro is a fantastic actor and comedian who has made people laugh. However, he has followed in his father’s footsteps and is pursuing a career in this industry. He had a $10-20 million net worth estimate. But a tragic accident ended his life as, at the age of 77, the Mexican industry lost a senior actor. 

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