Are you searching for lightsabers for dueling? But what makes these lightsabers even more worthy of being classified as dueling lightsabers? Mostly reasonable lightsabers are mislabeled as combat lightsabers, and those undeniably damage the sabers community. 

Thus, many saber fans feel bad and upset that they are treated unfairly. Some companies sell the lightsaber, lying about it being solid and robust. It’s significant to know that not all lightsabers are made of identical materials, as every lightsaber has its own quality. 

Moreover, several types of lightsabers are there. Some of them look nice, and it is made up to focus on the looks. Some lightsabers are worth it as they are used in fighting. These are known as “replica” lightsabers. Their design style and look are brilliant; they attract people and look like Star Wars lightsabers

Do you want to buy a lightsaber and are in search of a good lightsaber company? Let’s explore excellent guidelines before purchasing the heavy dueling lightsaber.

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Guidelines For Purchasing Heavy Dueling Lightsaber

Retention Screw

The very basic essential guideline that one must need to look into is the retention screws. The retention screw is considered to be highly important especially the retention screw with the heavy light during lightsabers needs the retention screw a lot. It is one of the most important components. Thus, It is essential to avoid choosing lightsabers that only look excellent inside; you have to look into the deeper side. 

Also, it is guided to not buy only one or two retention screws for the tip of the blade meter, considering that these one or two will be enough and will provide heavy support to the heavy saper but in actuality, the heavy saber dueling needs much more screws; hence it is suggested to consider more screws for enough support. However, once you have significantly rotated, it’s time to replace your screw because it will adequately support your machinery.

Moreover, always account for how your screws are aligned. If you screw a vertically alive into inches apart from the sever emitter from the top, then it might be a rule breaker and may lead you to the penalty.

It takes about three or four retention screws to hold a lightsaber blade when it is being hit with complete swinging force. While, Some heavy dueling lightsabers even need up to six retention screws because when there is serious combat, it needs serious hardware. Hence, they need to be tightened after every training session, so that there will be no loose, or loose blades in the middle of dueling.


However, if two people swing against each other, they need considerable durability. Make sure to choose a replica saber that is a specially designed type of lightsaber fighting. 

Before purchase, make sure to consider the advice that replica hills are comfortable and remarkable that consists of only one or two retention screws that the blade is holding. 

Although sometimes, only one screw may be required to hold the blade in place. You can use a custom dueling saber if you want a reliable and comfortable one to have you. 


Always prioritize your comfort over everything if you are Purchasing the dueling lightsaber. Sometimes, an uncomfortable lightsaber hilt can destroy your hand after a few minutes of twirling, swinging, and spinning. 

So, it is essential to choose lightsabers that is the perfect and comfortable; you should know how to balance it. However, before Purchasing a lightsaber, it’s necessary to ensure your comfort. 

Wrap Up

Overall, the best dueling lightsaber is all about your comfort of yours, the placement of the screws, the appropriate number, the quality of the blades, and the soundboard in the lightsaber hilt. So, it’s essential to follow the guidelines before purchasing a lightsaber. 

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