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Even though AI essay tools have been with us for decades, it was not until ChatGPT that most people noticed their presence. In this short article, we’ll discuss how they can assist you craft winning essays. Read on to understand!

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The Evolution of AI Writing Tools

We can retrace the history of AI Writing Tools to 2007 when the first models entered the World Wide Web. Then, they were simple frameworks for analyzing trends in sports, e.g. football, soccer, and basketball. Simple spell-checkers immediately followed in 2009. It didn’t take long before advanced grammar, style, and language generation and editing tools emerged. Today, the internet is awash with more sophisticated AI writing tools that can analyze volumes of data, give real-time feedback, and provide instant suggestions, all while producing texts that suit your context, style, and tone. They’ve completely revolutionized writing!

Understanding AI Essay Writers

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand AI writing tools. However, it’s critical to do so if they’re to enjoy their full capabilities. If well used, students, businesspersons, and professionals can harness their benefits to create winning essays, reports, and other communication materials, saving time, energy, and resources. Using an essay writer can improve your productivity tenfold. You must understand that you can’t beat their research speed, analytical abilities, multiple perspectives, and access to vast databases. It’s wise to find ways to complement your skills with these advantages.

Benefits of Using AI Essay Writers

Content Generation

Generative AI has become instrumental in content creation. Their creativity and versatility have made them useful in producing volumes of texts, videos, stories, and even music in seconds. Content isn’t just about volume, it’s more about SEO optimization, which essay generators are adept at.

Automated Grammar and Style Checking

AI Essay Writers can help you rectify grammar and style mistakes in your work at the click of a button. They can suggest the changes or apply them automatically. However, you must be keen to prevent the system from altering your texts’ meaning.

Outlining and Structuring Tools

These tools can come in handy when in doubt, clueless, or fighting writer’s block. For example, when stranded with an essay, you can simply input the topic and let the system generate an outline and structure for you.

Citation and Reference Management

Essays generated by advanced AI tools like Textero benefit from citation and referencing services. The technology automatically searches reputable databases to find relevant and updated studies to back your claims, improving the credibility of your work significantly.

Enhanced Research Efficiency

Imagine crafting a research paper of thousands of words in just two seconds. These tools search the internet at the speed of lighting, putting together the most relevant materials for you. Moreover, they can limit their output to set limits, being more concise in shorter papers.

Data-Driven Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism is one of the gravest offenses in academic writing. It can attract fines, failed grades, suspensions, or irreparable reputational damage. However, you can rest assured that an essay crafted using AI tools is original and free from any form of plagiarism.

Step-by-Step Guide: Writing an Essay with AI Tools

Step 1: Research and Data Collection

Essays generated by AI tools are as accurate as the input you feed into the programs. Therefore, you must conduct your own research to understand the basic building blocks. This will help you create a simple draft for comparison purposes.

Step 2: Creating an Outline

Insert the topic created during your research into the program and use it to generate an outline automatically. You can edit the output to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can feed both the topic and outline from your draft into the program.   

Step 3: Drafting the Introduction

Most essay generators draft wonderful introductions with solid thesis statements. All you’ll need is to provide a researchable topic. Once you hit generate, the program will output three introductions to choose from in just seconds. Pick the one that best suits your essay.

Step 4: Composing Body Paragraphs

AI essay writers follow your outline to compose body paragraphs. Some programs can accomplish this task at once, while others allow systematic operations. Therefore, once you’re satisfied with the introduction, allow the AI to generate each body paragraph for you.   

Step 5: Writing the Conclusion

This is the easier part of the task. Just click on generate conclusion and the program will do it for you. It’s a breeze!

Step 6: Final Proofreading and Editing

This may seem simple, but it’s one of the most involving tasks in AI writing. An essay crafted with these tools may be grammatically correct but lacks the fluidity that comes with human texts. It’s your job to make the content sound natural.


What is an AI essay writer?

It is an artificial intelligence-based program that generates texts for essays, reports, articles, and other materials. It can read and analyze inputs and produce coherent and relevant responses in seconds. Such programs are now an integral part of content creation and general writing.

How can an AI essay writer benefit my writing?

First, it will spare you hours of brainstorming and research. This is especially critical when suffering from writer’s block, bored, or simply uninterested in the task at hand. Secondly, since it has an integrated grammar checker, it will make your revision and proofreading processes seamless. Most importantly, it will enable you to explore different perspectives, leading to more comprehensive material. Biases limit even the best writers. However, AI essay writers are more open and diverse.

Can AI Tools Help with Research for Academic Papers?

Yes! While academic writing is complex and demanding, the latest AI technologies have evolved to provide critical assistance for struggling students. For instance, they can help you generate the first drafts, which you can improve for flawless papers. They can also pull relevant and updated sources to back up all your claims. Other programs can also help you edit your work.

How Do I Choose the Best AI Essay Writer for My Needs?                                           

While there’s no straight answer to this question, you should consider a few factors before choosing an AI essay writer, e.g., ease of use, accuracy, ability to customize, and reliability. You don’t want to spend hours learning how to use a program that should make your work easier and save you time!

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