Developing an online presence is not just about making your business appear in front of your potential customers. Your target audience wants content, which is exciting and relevant. Online readers like to share the best content with others. So, your digital content is an asset for every business. But, how will you create a shareable asset for your potential customers? Learn more about sharable content and engage more audiences.

What is a shareable asset?

The term ‘shareable asset’ refers to a content piece intended to be shared with others in the digital world. It is informative, easy to consume, and visually attractive. The most common shareable assets are:

  • Interactive tools
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Templates
  • eBooks

The most important secret is to make the content valuable to the readers. Naturally, it will encourage them to share the content with other online audiences. You can achieve this goal if your content:

  • Contains interesting data
  • Has quality designs
  • Provides a clear CTA

How do you benefit from creating shareable assets?

Developing shareable assets provides several advantages:

Better brand awareness

When you share content across the web, your brand is exposed to the target audience. So, it will boost brand recognition and awareness, which are important for driving more traffic.

Higher engagement

It is easy to engage more readers if you develop sharable content. So, the best content is visually attractive and interactive to keep the audience engaged for a longer period.

Improved SEO results

With high-quality, sharable content, you can boost your SEO effort. If you find more content shares, you will gain backlinks. It results in an improvement of domain authority and higher page rank in the SERP. 

More sales

Developing shareable assets lets you increase conversions and sales. Those who feel interested in your content may become your customers.

What makes your content shareable?

Share-worthy content provides information, which solves the reader’s queries. Readers can use your content as the best reference. That is why your content assets will be shareable with them.

A shareable piece of content may be a simple and small graphic on social media. Your tweets can also be shared by several Twitter users if you have created valuable content. 

Digital marketing experts think relevant and meaningful content posted timely can become a shareable piece. The majority of the target audience should feel the content is relevant.

Relatability is another important factor in making your content shareable. However, the content that is relatable to Facebook’s audience may not be relatable to others.

The first step for shareable asset development is to identify the right format. Focus on the audience and your brand message while selecting the content format.

Sizing of the content assets is also essential, as every platform has different rules about dimensions. Ensure you have optimised the assets for every platform. It will help you provide premium-quality content to the target audience.

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