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If the sewer or storm water pipes under your Sydney property need repairs or replacement, en g a professional re-lining company is often the best solution. Relining involves installing a new pipe inside the existing damaged one, avoiding the need for excavation. This can save considerable time, money and disruption. However, with many Sydney relining companies like The Relining Company operating in Sydney, finding the right one for your specific project takes research and care. Here are tips for choosing the perfect Sydney re-lining provider.

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Verify Licensing and Certification 

The first step is confirming any re-lining company you’re considering for the job holds all required licenses and industry certifications. Ask to see documentation and check they are currently valid and relevant to the type of work needed. Using unlicensed contractors could risk safety and invalidate insurance if anything goes wrong.

Check Experience and Track Record

Find out how long the relining company has been operating in Sydney and request evidence of past projects completed successfully. The more experience they have carrying out jobs similar to yours, on properties in the same area, the better. Ask for photographic case studies and client testimonials you can independently verify. An experienced company with a proven good track record gives confidence they can deliver.

Understand Their Methods

There are several different relining techniques, materials and pipe types. Make sure the contractor evaluates your existing pipes and recommends the right solution for your circumstances. Question them about the methods, materials, pipe sizes and standards they typically use. Opt for trenchless methods like CIPP and epoxy whenever suitable, as they are less invasive. 

Compare Quotes 

Don’t decide based on cost alone, but do get comparable quotes from about three relining companies in writing. Compare not just the bottom-line price but all projected costs including materials, labor, equipment, overheads and margins. Also compare timeframes. Ask questions if quotes differ significantly. Select the optimum blend of price, experience and method suitability.

Check Insurance Coverage

Insist on seeing proof the company has adequate public liability and professional indemnity insurance before hiring them. This protects you financially if the crew damages property or makes any mistakes requiring expensive rectification. Check policy details carefully regarding claim limits, exclusions etc.

Meet the Crew 

The on-site work crew is as important as the company. Insist on meeting them before work commences. Check qualifications and experience. A long-serving cohesive team who have worked together on past lining jobs indicates reliability. Ensure they make a professional impression on-site.

Get Detailed Project Planning

The company should provide you with a clear project plan outlining all preparation, equipment, tasks, timelines etc. This shows how organized and reliable they are. Ask plenty of questions until satisfied you understand the project plan and process completely. They should readily answer all queries. 

Follow Safety Best Practices

A good contractor implements safety systems like tagging equipment, traffic management plans for public areas, identifying risks and hazards. They should provide safety documentation for review. If you ever feel the crew are being unsafe, stop all work until addressed. Your safety comes first.


Taking these key steps helps identify the most qualified, experienced and reliable Sydney re-lining company for your specific sewer, stormwater or other infrastructure project. Conduct thorough checks and due diligence before engaging any contractor. By selecting an established firm with proper licensing, certifications, experience, insurance coverage and safety procedures in place, you can feel confident in achieving an excellent pipe re-lining outcome.

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