Curious George is one of the favorite monkey characters in children’s literature. This character has been entertaining the kids for years. The creators of Curious George are HA Rey and Margret Rey. This character, Curious George, not only adds the spark to the kids’ literature, but this little monkey is in kids’ everyday stories. The playful nature, smiling face, and the little mischiefs of Curious George bring smiles to everyone’s faces. This character, Curious George, first appeared in 1941 in a children’s literature story. However he was not limited to the kid’s stories. His popularity rose with time, and we saw this little character on television shows, cartoon movies, and many kids’ plays.

At the start of Curious George’s story, he lives in Africa when a man with a yellow hat captures him. The man took him to a big city. This big city was something different from his previous area. George has extreme curiosity over everything. So he got the name Curious George.The way he acts in different situations brings smiles to every one’s faces. The hurdles and difficulties he faces in these big cities, and his never-ending curiosities related to things and places are the most attractive parts of this character. He engages the readers with every act, which is the success of the Curious George character. But recently, we heard the sad news that Curious George has died in the storyline.So what are the facts related to this concept? Is this a truth, or is this some misconception? Let’s find out all the truth and facts together.

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Mystery Behind The Death Of Curious George 

Curious George is a monkey character that was created years ago. This character picks the space in numerous kids’ books related to monkeys’ adventure. The Curious George is an enquirer in nature. Due to this nature, he gets into many troubles, but the way he finds out to get out of this trouble is the natural beauty of this character. The natural beauty of this monkey character is the way of his misadventures and little mischiefs. So, how did this monkey character come to an end? What happened to him? How did he die? is the central curiosity of many of Curious George’s fans. This news saddens curious fans worldwide.

Myth About The Death Of Curious George 

The news of the death of the Curious George is spread like fire, and many myths and misconceptions are roaming all around the internet. There are many perceptions about the death of this little monkey. According to a perception, he came to an end by eating a poisoned banana, while others perceive that this is because of a tragic accident. Another misconception is that Curious George passed away naturally .Thus which one is the correct reason? Let’s find out together.

Details About The Episode Of Curious George Death 

As per the storyline and reports of 25th April , George was looking outside the window. He was in the apartment of the man in the yellow hat. George found a suspicious van outside the apartment, Mark with a label “free candy”. The curious know that this tag belongs to the kidnappers of children. George’s curiosity brings him near the kidnapper’s van. However, the kidnappers left him as he is not a human.

In the next scene, the man with the yellow hat woke up. The apartment was messed up badly because of Curious George’s mischief. This mess brings the anger of the man in the yellow hat to the edge. He called George, but George was not at home. He goes outside in search of naughty George. His temper is at its peak. The man in the yellow hat found Curious George near a fire hydrant, where he was hunting and jumping playfully. The man in the yellow head feels embarrassed, and his anger reaches extreme levels.

In the next scene, the man in the yellow hat takes control of the bus by beating the driver many times.He took the bus and made a U-turn from 69 Blaze Street. He drives near the place where Curious George is playing. He aggressively hit Curious George and crushed him under the wheel of the bus. The surveillance cameras near the hydrant area reported that the man in a yellow hat brought the bone marrow of Curious George with him as proof of his death. The CCTV cameras also figure out  that the man in the yellow hat was furious. He was making a wheezing sound, proving that he did this action in extreme anger.

Sentiments Of Fans On Death Of Curious George 

The whole episode related to the death of Curious George brings the fans of this little monkey into shock. They never want to see the tragic end of this little creature. Curious George was the reason for many waves of laughter, joy, and smiles worldwide. The fans of the Curious George show their anger and touchy feelings related to their death. They also offer their rage for the man in the yellow hat. The death of this curious creature has become the most searched news on the internet. Although this little character is detached from the story, he will remain in the hearts of his fans forever. The character of Curious George has captured people’s attention for 80 years, which shows how people love this character and how they are inspired by it.

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Why The Man In Yellow Hat Did This Act – The Question Of Every Mind

The character of the man in the yellow hat is quite excellent throughout the storyline. He is a patient person with gentle wisdom and a kind nature. He has a strong bond with his little monkey friend. The man in the yellow hat is also an adventurous person who likes to explore new places, and Curious George was his fellow on each journey. But why this kind-hearted person and the friend of the George did this extreme action is an explainable question that has struck a customer’s mind for years.

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