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As a new season begins, new trends and ideas are being talked about across various industries, including home building and design. Professionals in these fields are looking at what’s next, what’s new, and what’s exciting. 

When it comes to understanding trends, it’s about understanding the themes and ideas of upcoming seasons. This gives builders, contractors, and interior designers an idea of what their clients will ask for in their renovations and custom home builds.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming window design and construction trends for this year and explore how experienced window manufacturers are leading the way in these innovations.

Soundproof Solutions

Noise pollution is common for homeowners, especially those living in metropolitan areas. Soundproof windows are changing the way we live in our homes and are providing solutions to these common problems.

Acoustic glazing is a unique trend that window manufacturers are beginning to add to their window treatments. This process involves using new technologies and materials to block out outside sounds and create a more serene home environment.

Renewable Resources

Some trends are reintroduced each year because of their increased demand and popularity. When it comes to adding environmentally conscious materials, homeowners and their contractors are continuously seeking out renewable resource solutions to provide the comfort and security they need while minimizing their carbon footprints.

This spring, you’ll see a greater push for reclaimed wood and sustainable glass material, including fibreglass. These materials are designed with the environment in mind — offering better energy-efficient ratings when combined with quality insulation and glazing.

Industrial-Style Frames

Window designs and styles are constantly changing. When trends in neighboring industries change, including fashion and art, it can reflect the way industries such as home design react and respond, especially with an innovative window company like Golden Windows.

Recently, we’ve seen a push toward a more industrial-style home focusing on darker window frames. Many homeowners and designers are making bolder choices, going for black-framed windows instead of traditional wood or white to add a new personality to their homes.

New Glass Techniques

Innovative glass is a relatively new term that’s gained momentum recently. This term includes energy-efficient glass, smart glass, and self-cleaning glass—types of glass that not only improve a house’s aesthetics but incorporate greater safety and sustainability.

As sustainability becomes even more crucial to communities worldwide, we’re going to see a rise in demand for innovative glass solutions.

Smart Automation and Integration

Smart technology became a recognizable term several years ago but has gained significant momentum recently. This technology is designed to bring more convenience and security to the lives of homeowners, even when it comes to standard features such as windows.

Bulky locks and sensors don’t provide the same level of safety and peace of mind homeowners need on a daily basis. New trends are showcasing remote locks and even fingerprint scanners — though these integrations must be worked on closely with a professional window manufacturer to ensure they can meet today’s standards.

Final Thoughts

As we move into new seasons, these trends promise to change the way we perceive and interact with our living spaces. By exploring spring trends in industries like window design, interior designers, manufacturers, and consumers alike can absorb these ideas and find ways to incorporate them into their home projects.

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