Playing cards is fun in your spare time, especially when you can bring your best buddy together. Well, it seldom happens that your close friends get time to play a round or two. The fun doubles when you play Gin Rummy online with buddies or unknown players. You don’t know what Gin Rummy is? Let’s begin your journey to this classic card game.

Gin Rummy: A classic card game

Gin Rummy is the classic version of Rummy in which two players can participate. This card game uses a traditional deck of 52 cards with four suits. Here, the king is the highest card, followed by the queen, a jack, and the digit cards. The ace is the lowest-value card in this game. Each player gets ten cards at the beginning of a round. Draw a card from the face-down deck on the table and try creating melds. Melds can be either sequences of the same suit or similar cards of different suits. They must form melds of three, four or five cards. Whoever completes making melds at first wins the game.

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Seven best Gin Rummy Apps to practice

This fascinating card game dates back to 1909. Since then, it has gone through remarkable transformations based on local preferences. These days, fans can connect and play with others on online platforms. Let us find seven trusted platforms where you can practice playing Gin Rummy online.

1.   MPL Gin Rummy

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a multigame online platform that caters to a dedicated section of this popular card game. This app also conducts Gin Rummy real money contests for professional players. MPL is a popular choice for newbie Gin Rummy players as it guides them skillfully in developing cash-winning skills. This app has unique animated features for dealing cards, playing cards on the table and winning a round. It also offers exclusive bonuses such as knock points, gin bonuses, big gin bonuses, and undercut bonuses to take your score to the next level. Once you have developed your winning skills, participate in the daily contests to win cash rewards.

2.   Gin Rummy Classic

Gin Rummy Classic is a favorite choice for fans to download and play. The difference between this online platform and MPL is that four players can play Gin Rummy simultaneously. Four players mean double the fun. This app is available on the Apple Store for free with in-app purchases. The stunning graphics and easy controls will help you practice this card game online for hours. Its pleasant interface comes with over 300 titles to achieve by playing with online competitors. You can practice this game online for free or with a subscription that renews annually with your permission. The premium plans come with exclusive themes, animations, etc. The free version runs on an ad-driven business model.

3.   Gin Rummy Plus

Gin Rummy Plus is the brainchild of Zynga Inc. This game connects you with millions of online players like you. The best part is you can create a private room to play this classic version of Rummy with friends and family. Play this game offline to practice and develop your skills. This game offers virtual coins when you achieve a milestone. You can participate in worldwide contests after creating an account in this app. Earn points and lead the scoreboard. Challenge other players to win progressive jackpots. Once you have developed your winning strategies, challenge elite Gin Rummy players and take your experience to the next level.

4.   Gin Rummy Best Card Game

Gin Rummy Best Card Game is another marvel to add to your list. This app is free to download and play this game online. No advertisements are popping up between your intense card-playing moments. Create an account in this app and keep adding scores to it. Make your account look more interesting with exclusive themes. You can also purchase in-app items like card decks, player avatars, etc. This app is a popular online platform to practice playing Gin Rummy offline. The smooth graphics and animations will keep you hooked.

5.   Gin Rummy Online

Gin Rummy Online is another marvel on this list. This game follows the conventional rules of this Rummy variant but does not allow using others’ melds to free your hand. The scoring system remains the same. Here, the lowest scorer wins the game. It means a loser will have to add his deadwood card points. Hence, keep your card scores as low as possible while making melds. Your melds will not be counted in the scoreboard even if you lose. So, understanding the basics of Gin Rummy becomes a lot easier with this app’s interface. It has three different variants: straight, Hollywood, and Oklahoma. 

6.   Gin Rummy Stars

Gin Rummy Stars is another addition to this list due to its smooth user interface. You can practice playing this game offline for free, too. It is a free app that allows the creation of private rooms to play with known players. It also connects players worldwide to challenge each other over a hand of Gin Rummy. Play this multiplayer mode in Joker Gin, Faceless Gin, and Oklahoma Gin in this app and gain experience. This app is safe to download. It keeps updating its UI with unique features and removes bugs regularly.

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7.   Gin Rummy Extra

Gin Rummy Extra is an app that all beginners must download to learn how to play this game. This app’s guide and smooth graphics assist players in understanding how this classic card game is conducted online between two players. It also adds missions for players to complete to make the experience more challenging. Players can also create custom avatars, change the themes of tables, and choose new sets of cards with their accumulated virtual currencies. They can also make in-app purchases to enhance their virtual Gin Rummy experience.

Final Word: Download the Best Gin Rummy App

Learn to play Gin Rummy online with these apps. Experts suggest downloading all these apps individually to play this card game and compare the experience. Choose a suitable online platform to practice playing this card game for free. Bring your friends onboard by creating private rooms and keep the magic of Gin Rummy alive.

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