If you’re a new player to Brawl Stars or an old player returning after a long time, you might already know about the basic attack and a super. Hypercharge is a new addition to the September 2023 update.

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Let us take a look at everything related to Hypercharge Brawl Stars.

What is a Hypercharge Brawl Stars?

Hypercharges are special abilities that make your brawler’s super-ability even stronger while also increasing your brawler’s movement speed, damage, shield, and stats. It affects different stats on different Brawl Stars brawlers, which we will further explore in this guide.

How to use Hypercharge Brawl Stars

It’s the same as building up a super. You build up hypercharge by damaging your opponents during the battle. On average, a hyperchage will take anywhere from 2 to 2.5 times the amount of super to fully charge.

Once fully charged, you will see a large Hypercharge purple button active; click on it to use it. You will see purple flames around you, indicating that your brawler is now buffed with hypercharge and that your super ability is now much more powerful.

Each Brawl Stars brawler has different hypercharge effects. For example, Shelly’s Hypercharge is called Double Barrel.

Activate this hypercharge to increase Shelly’s SuperShell’s area by 33% and the number of shells from 9 to 12. Shelly gains movement speed, a shield boost, and a little bit of damage boost.

But when it comes to Colt, his hypercharge, Dual Wielding, increases Bulletstorm width, increases speed boost by 26%, increases damage by 25%, and gives a little bit of shield boost.

If you notice, even though the stats increased by hypercharge are the same, the percentage increase is different. Colt gets more speed and damage, while Shelly gets more shield and movement speed.

How to get Hypercharge in Brawl Stars

According to Supercell, a new hypercharge will be released every week, and the best way to get it is through the Collector’s Pack.

A few Tips and tricks about the Hypercharge Brawl stars

Not all brawlers have hypercharge, but as promised, Brawl Stars will add a hypercharge every week, so be patient and stay tuned until your favourite brawler gets one.

Remember that hypercharge takes at least twice as much time as a super to fully charge, so use it wisely and only when required.

Since it’s an upgrade to your already existing super, you can either use it offensively to damage an enemy or defensively to make an escape route and more.

Practising all brawlers and playing the game more often makes you a pro. Learn about all the hypercharges of different Brawl Stars brawlers; it is helpful when playing with or against them. My favourite Hypercharge is El Primo’s Gravity Leap, perfect for team fights.

Always keep an eye out in the shop for your favourite hypercharge; you can either buy it with Brawl Stars gems or coins. I recommend visiting the Brawl Stars shop and topping up your account, or simply buying an Brawl Stars account with your favourite brawlers unlocked.

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