The Bench Craft Company lawsuit has attracted considerable attention in recent years, bringing to the forefront significant issues related to business ethics, contract law, and corporate responsibility. 

Bench Craft Company, a marketing and advertising firm based in Oregon, became the focal point of a class-action lawsuit. There were multiple plaintiffs who worked together to strengthen their case against the organization.

The lawsuit alleges deceptive and unfair trade practices, as well as the misrepresentation of the company’s products and services. These claims have led to financial losses and emotional distress for the plaintiffs involved. 

The unfolding of this legal matter has not only affected Bench Craft Company’s reputation within the industry but has also raised broader implications for the marketing and advertising sector at large.

Bench Craft Company: A Brief Overview

To comprehend the legal challenges surrounding Bench Craft Company, it’s essential to grasp the nature of their business and their identity. 

Established in 1982 with assistance from William J. McHugh Sr., Bench Craft Company, Inc. initially focused on the outdoor market. They specialized in golf course signs and printed advertising within golf course yardage books.

Over time, the company broadened its offerings, targeting small-sized businesses and local advertisers, providing advertising opportunities on golf course scorecards and related materials.

Bench Craft Company’s business model was straightforward, they entered into contracts with golf clubs. The purpose was to create and distribute golf course materials featuring advertisements from local companies.

These materials, encompassing yardage guides and scorecards, were distributed to golfers frequenting the courses.

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A Statement of Allegations against Bench Craft Company Lawsuit

The Bench Craft Company, a prominent small business supporter, is facing allegations from a number of its customers. These allegations assert that the company has been involved in dishonest, unfair, and deceptive practices.

  • False Contacts in Golf Course Partnership

Branch Craft Company has expanded its reach by forming partnerships with various golf courses, aligning with its advertising strategy. 

However, allegations suggest that the American Bench Craft Company may have misrepresented the level of interest from potential viewers of golf course advertisements. They are accused of exaggerating their affiliations with other courses to attract clients.

  • Inability to Deliver Expected Results

Allegations also revolve around the company’s failure to deliver the promised results. Customers claim that the quality of goods and services provided by Bench Craft Company fell short of what was advertised, leading to dissatisfaction and categorizing these practices as deceptive.

  • Unfair Terms and Breaching Contracts

The Bench Craft Company faces accusations of offering contracts with unjust terms that favor the business over its customers. Furthermore, claims suggest that the company breaches agreements, resulting in financial losses for its clients.

  • Deceptive Business Practices

Former employees of Bench Craft Company have come forward with allegations of unfair and unethical business practices. 

They contend that they were pressured to employ hard-sell techniques to attract potential buyers, revealing a less-than-ethical work environment. However, contrasting viewpoints exist, with some employees expressing satisfaction and appreciation for their efforts.

Customer’s Experience of the Bench Craft Company

Bench Craft Company has garnered a significant amount of negative feedback from customers, with some expressing concerns about the comparatively higher advertising pricing in comparison to available alternatives.

Several other allegations have been raised by potential customers:

  • Accusations of spamming business email accounts with unnecessary emails.
  • Claims that Bench Craft Company accepted payments from clients with promises to print their ads on scorecards, yet these advertisements were not visible when visitors checked various golf courses.
  • Instances where clients reported unauthorized credit card charges by Bench Craft Company.
  • A user’s assertion that the company took $1600 for advertising services but failed to carry out any actual advertising.
  • Complaints about double charging for the same ad, totaling about $750, leading the client to label the company as fraudulent.

What People Are Saying About Bench Craft Company?

Bench Craft Company Lawsuit

The central problem leading to the lawsuit revolves around claims that Bench Craft Company engaged in deceptive business practices and lacked transparency. 

The primary focus is on the company’s commitments to advertising and its interactions with golf courses.

Bench Craft Company Reviews

The reviews presented by Bench Craft Company regarding their own products are not particularly favorable. When examining these reviews, a noticeable trend emerges – there are more negative comments than positive ones, indicating a perceived lack of emphasis on product quality.

While Bench Craft Company Furniture offers budget-friendly prices, it’s essential to note that affordability does not necessarily equate to the highest quality. Bench Craft Company Furniture is a global furniture distributor with numerous satisfied customers.

Bench Craft Company Lawsuit: Pros and Cons


  • Resolution through Negotiation

After some time has passed, the aggrieved party and Leisure Activity Supplier have reached a mutual agreement. However, specific details about the current state of their partnership are confidential, adding discretion to their resolution process.

  • Emphasis on Reliability

The lawsuit emphasizes the need for trustworthy business practices in advertising, promotion, and contractual dealings.


  • Reputation Damage

The negative publicity generated by the legal battle may impact the organization’s standing, irrespective of the veracity of the allegations.

  • Financial Strain

Legal proceedings can impose financial burdens, encompassing both direct expenses and potential setbacks. These allegations might strain the financial resources of the involved parties, diverting funds from their core operations.

  • Eroding Trust

A lawsuit like this could undermine trust within the industry, fostering skepticism among employees.

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Final Verdict

The Bench Craft Company Lawsuit serves as a poignant reminder of the paramount importance of ethical conduct in nurturing trust and credibility within the business community. It accentuates the significance of meticulous diligence when venturing into business agreements.

Legal disputes often bring into focus questionable practices and ethical quandaries within the business realm. A case that garnered considerable attention is the Bench Craft Companies lawsuit.

Due to the contentious issues surrounding the company’s operations, it is necessary to maintain transparency, safeguard consumer interests, and uphold ethical business practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bench Craft a good company?

Bench Craft Company Furniture is rated 3.6 out of 5 based on more than 327 anonymous reviews. Bench Craft Company employees recommended a friend to work there, and 70% had positive feedback.

Who is Bench Craft Company’s CEO?

Bench Craft Company’s CEO is Charley Cobb. Charley Cobb received a 49% approval rating from 53 employees.

How might the industry be affected by this lawsuit?

The industry could face heightened scrutiny, resulting in regulatory changes and shifts in consumer preferences. It is also possible that Bench Craft Company’s competitors will benefit from its reputational consequences.

Is there any precedent for similar lawsuits in the industry? 

The industry has witnessed lawsuits with analogous allegations, although each case is unique. Past cases can provide insight into potential outcomes and the industry’s response.

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