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It is not that easy to find a jurisdiction that will be perfectly suitable for legal entity formation: you need to choose an offshore, midshore, or onshore destination, an appropriate legal form, and make sure the conditions offered are suitable for your business. Canada is a respected onshore destination that offers conditions similar to offshores, which makes it a great choice. We propose setting up a limited partnership as the most convenient legal form. In addition, we would like to offer a powerful financial instrument: a corporate bank account in Antigua and Barbuda. This combination will create a convenient duo that will help your business prosper!

If you want to know more, please visit our portal and read about the registration of limited partnership in Canada in more detail. We also write about international business (including company setup in various jurisdictions), banking in different countries for individuals and legal entities, tax optimization, asset protection, citizenship-by-investment programs, and so on. You can also book an initial free session with our expert to discuss your needs and preferences and make sure that Canada is the best destination for you (or find a more appropriate option). We will help you set up a company and open a corporate bank account without much hassle at an affordable fee.

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Limited Partnership Registration: Details

English and Scottish partnerships are no longer the only alternative as Canadian limited partnerships offer excellent conditions for non-residents, including adequate reporting requirements, tax transparency, and flexibility. This is a stable country with a strong economy and well-thought-out laws that is definitely recommendable!

Here are the main benefits of a Canadian LP:

  • You can register a legal entity in Canada online
  • You will be able to open an account in any country as Canada is a respected jurisdiction
  • You will only need two partners to set up a Canadian partnership
  • A limited partnership is a full-fledged legal entity that has its own registered office
  • While a partnership has to keep records, it is not required to submit any tax returns or carry out regular audits
  • Profits are distributed between the partners, and they pay the appropriate taxes in the countries of residence. No income or any other tax is payable by the legal entity in Canada.
  • There is no minimum threshold for the authorized capital.

You will have to choose a unique name for your partnership (mind that you cannot use the general partner’s name or the general partner’s company name for that purpose).

A registered office is a must, and we will help you with that. If you use the services of our experts, you will also receive a legal address for one year, a mailing address for official correspondence, and all prepaid duties.

When you choose partners for your business, the paperwork will be much easier if you choose Canadian partners. What is more, it will greatly simplify cooperation with the banks as any bank wants to know the ultimate beneficial owner. However, the possibility to have a foreign legal entity as a partner still exists, and it just means that you will have to pass more stringent checks and provide more documents.

Canadian Partnership Registration: Documents

There are only 2 documents that each individual partner will have to submit:

  • Passport copy (with certification)
  • Proof of residence address (bank statement/utility bill issued no more than 2 months ago. These should contain your name and address, and certification is needed as well).

If these documents are in a language other than English, you will also need a translation. Each partnership’s beneficiary will also have to provide the documents above (and corporate documents if this is a legal entity).

Canadian Limited Partnership: Cost of Establishment/Maintenance

The basic price of partnership registration is 3,500 euros, which includes payment of state duties, the registration procedure, legal address for one year, a set of corporate documents, and sending them by courier delivery to any country.

You will need to renew your partnership on an annual basis, and it will cost 3,000 euros a year.

You may request the services of a nominee director, manager, or partner from us, and in this case, the package will cost 6,250 euros.

We will provide a fully operational partnership to you within 14 days.

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Opening a Corporate Account in Antigua and Barbuda

We would like to offer a carefully selected and reliable financial institution in Antigua and Barbuda that provides top-notch services to international companies around the world and proposes excellent investment opportunities to its customers.

The bank focuses on merchant accounts for e-commerce and network trading. Here are the accounts you can open here:

  • Savings account
  • Escrow account where your assets can be kept
  • Settlement (operating) account
  • Term deposit that can be opened in euros, US dollars, or pound sterling at a higher rate

Choose the most suitable type of account, and we will help you open it online!

Here is a list of documents you will need to submit:

  • Account opening forms
  • Each director and founder will have to provide a certified copy of an international passport
  • Corporate documents (the list will be provided by our experts)
  • Each director and founder will also have to provide a proof of residence address (utility bill/bank statement issued no more than 3 months ago or the main page and address page of the internal passport)
  • A reference letter from a bank you have been cooperating with for at least 1 year

A Corporate Account in Antigua and Barbuda: Cost of Opening and Maintenance

We will meticulously check all the documents you provide to make sure there are no errors and make all the administrative steps required to open an account with the Antiguan financial institution for you for 3,999 euros. You will not need to visit the country for an interview or signing the documents personally: everything will be done online!

Please follow the above link to find out more detailed information about the bank’s services.

Canadian Partnership and Antiguan Account: How to Get

  • First of all, simply click on the above link and contact our expert. Provide basic details about yourself and your business for us to confirm that we can help in your case.
  • Pay the cost of our services using any convenient method (wire transfer, Western Union, Bitcoin, PayPal, etc.). The total cost of the combo offer is 7,499 euros.
  • Collect a complete package of documents and send them to us.
  • Wait for about a month until we deal with all the formalities.

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