Today, the Duncans manage a successful exotic car dealership in New York. However, come nightfall, they navigate a perilous secret existence. In the face of an impending threat, the Duncans must unite to survive.

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 on Various Platforms

Presently, you have the option to stream “Carl Weber’s The Family Business – Season 4” on DIRECTV, Amazon Channel, and Bet+.

The Family Business is an American crime family drama crafted by Carl Weber, inspired by his bestselling crime drama book series. Initially conceived as an independent film franchise, BET transformed it into an eight-episode limited series in 2018.

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Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Episodes

Episode # 1: Crazy as Duncans

The series kicks off with L.C. at the forefront, navigating the challenge of preventing Cruz from pursuing revenge against Alexander. Simultaneously, law enforcement pays a visit to Fresh Meadows to delve into a missing person case, and Junior finds himself shouldering new responsibilities within the intricate dynamics of the Duncan family.

Episode # 2: Everybody Wants Harris

The second episode unfolds with Harris finding himself in high demand after parting ways with the Duncans. Simultaneously, Elijah gears up to propose to Sasha, and Consuela crafts a strategic plan to leverage her client’s valuable information.

Episode # 3: Family Visit

In this installment, Harris is compelled to divulge L.C.’s closely guarded secrets. Larry seeks assistance from Nee Nee in navigating his escape from Fresh Meadows, while Curtis, aware of Kenny’s ominous intentions, takes proactive measures by enlisting the support of his sister, Lauryn.

Episode # 4: Trigger Happy!

Episode four introduces a series of intriguing developments, including Danielle encountering a premium client, Orlando’s quest for a bone marrow transplant for Vincent, L.C.’s unsettling discovery of recent murders, and Larry issuing threats to Donna within the confines of her home.

Episode #  5: Dead Silence

Tensions escalate as Vinny and Orlando clash over Vincent’s treatment. Lauryn delves into the depths of Kenny’s descent, Antonio forges a pivotal new alliance, and the Duncan family confronts a heart-wrenching discovery.

Episode # 6: Home Coming

The narrative takes an emotional turn as Elijah grapples with profound grief. Paris, in her pursuit of justice, enlists the aid of Curtis and Nevada to apprehend a killer, while L.C. confronts an unforeseen and perilous new danger.

Episode # 7: Vengeance Is Mine

L.C. plays a pivotal role by embarking on a crucial visit to a relative, while Alexander assesses the profits derived from his endeavors.

Episode # 8: The Return

Celebration ensues as the Duncans rejoice over the dropping of criminal charges against Vegas. However, the jubilation is short-lived as Vegas promptly resumes his pursuit of Sasha’s killer and L.C., who remains missing and grapples with captivity.

Episode # 9: Seeing Things

The ninth episode unfolds with Brandi’s curiosity about L.C.’s condition and background leading to unforeseen consequences. L.C. receives an unexpected visitor, and Vegas engages in a meeting with Consuela in a quest for answers.

Episode # 10: Rise or Fall

In the season’s finale, Consuela presents Vegas and Charlotte with a compelling business proposition. Orlando and Ruby contemplate their fertility options, and Brandi, grappling with her own truth, comes clean to the Duncans.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a Season 5 of The Family Business?

No, as of now, The Family Business has not officially released its fifth season on Netflix. All four seasons are currently accessible for streaming. The confirmation for Season 5 has not been made by BET as of October 30.

Will Carl Weber’s The Family Business have a Season 4?

Carl Weber’s The Family Business is set to make its return on Tuesday night for the premiere of its fourth season at 9 p.m. ET on BET. Adapted from Carl Weber’s book series, the show revolves around the Duncans, a seemingly respectable family managing an exotic car dealership in New York while leading a perilous double life.

Will there be a Season 5 of Carl Weber’s The Family Business?

As of October 30, BET has not officially announced a fifth season. However, a Facebook post by the show’s creator, Carl Weber, hints at a possible renewal. Weber mentioned on October 24 that they were approximately 40% into The Family Business Season 5 when the writers and actors initiated a strike.

Who is the Oldest Child on The Family Business?

London Duncan-Grant, portrayed by Tami Roman, is the oldest daughter and mother of Mariah & Maria. While appearing to be a homebody, London harbors many intriguing secrets. Junior Duncan, played by Sean Ringgold, holds the title of the oldest among the Duncan siblings and is as imposing as any professional football player.

What is the Last Episode of The Family Business?

The final episode is titled “Rise or Fall.”

What Season is KJ Smith on The Family Business?

KJ Smith, who had a recurring role in the first two seasons as Sasha Duncan, has been elevated to a series regular for Season 3.

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