Do You Want to Know About Dreaming Boy is a Realist Episode 1? The anime revolves around a high school romance story with a super twist. Sajo Wataru, a realist dreamer, is a high school teenager stuck on a love track. He aims to have a logical & prosperous life, but he is as emotional as love. 

On the other side, a high school girl and Sajo Wataru classmate, Natsukawa Aika, an idol and famous by many, but the back of a cute smile and perfect figure hides a lonely girl under pressure and expectations. 

This episode gives these two a chance together with an unexpected connection. Wataru is a true and loyal nature who is shy to express his feelings for Aika. This makes the viewer more excited.

What will happen next? Can Wataru confess his love for Aika & what will be her reaction? 

In this article, we will go through all these queries, so let’s start with these two teenagers’ untold, unfolding love story.

Well, before we explore episode 1, let’s first analyze the characters and the personalities we have witnessed in episode 1 of The Dreaming Boy is a Realist. 

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Unraveling The Personalities

Sajo Wataru is an protagonist. He is a genius, though, and sees the world with logic and reason; he doesn’t like unrealistic dreams or falling for emotions. Love is a calculated decision or any logical decision that is focused on compatibility & shared goals. 

However, on the other side, Aika is the opposite of him. She is a confident idol, and everyone likes her. But in the private zone, she was lonely and pressured by fame. She was in an arduous struggle threat between her public and personal Aika. 

The clash or wall between two of these personalities makes for an exciting drama episode. Wataru’s straightforward approach to Aika’s nature creates a curiosity that makes a connection.

Concept For Thoughts

The episode story analyzes “realism vs idealism,” the main point. Aika’s world presents celebrities and idols for many. At the same time, Sajo Wataru has a loyal and honest view of life. Their opposite views of life and love make us more excited and conscious of what will handle the relationship. 

Moreover, this episode revolves around self-acceptance, social pressure & completing personal. 


Surely, you will be so excited to explore the first episode storyline. Let’s find it out!

First Episode Story

Sajo Wataru is the protagonist & main character of the story who is stalking her classmate Aika, with whom he also has a crush, and realizes that it’s not acceptable, which is a good development. Moreover, people will seem annoyed or angry to stop stalking her. This episode revolves around the point of view that makes it difficult to watch: aika becomes visible to people who aren’t happy about this change in Sajo Wataru.

Well, it’s known that Aika likes the way the sajo gives attention and focuses on her. After all, everyone is anxious about this change in Wataru’s attitude, with Aika stopping by his home to learn more about this situation. I

Maybe they are playing a mutually beneficial and understandable game in which she acted too cool and chilled toward him, but he was overly romantically involved. However, it wasn’t clear, and if you don’t realize, the first scene of the episode of the soccer ball will be shocking. Moreover, it took us time to figure out that Wataru couldn’t do mental time slowly, but there are more effective ways to display him realizing that his behavior is unparseable.

Another problem is Rena, an older woman who starts (and ends) her quiet stalking of Wataru to… set off her long-term lover after he made an unexpected insult while chatting with some other gentlemen. I don’t know Rena’s purpose, nor am I quite sure. To show Wataru just how irritating it can be to be followed about? Perhaps, but he’s already arrived at that decision for himself. To anger Aika? Once more, everything in the episode suggests that she loves his presence, at least not till the final moment when she knocks on his door. All it can achieve is extend the episode.

Well, this episode’s plot is just their conversation. There is the possibility that Wataru and Aika take this under observation and look back at their relationship with one another, making it a more enjoyable individual story. Well, today’s story is a complete narrative.

Who Owns The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Anime?

The Dreaming Boy is a realist anime that is a remarkable show created by one owner and a combined project of two owners. Two studio are invloue that are Studio Gokumi & AXsiZ. This studio handled animation and brought the characters’ stories to life with their artistic talent; however, they also managed production side by side. However, the credit for this fantastic anime show goes to the studios Gokumi and AXsiZ.

Now, the very basic query from all of us will be how many episodes will gonna be launched so below we will explore it!

How Many Episodes Of The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist Anime? 

The Dreaming Boy is a realist anime with only one episode. This episode has many more to come, and more attacks will come in the future, so wait for a fantastic story.

However, we need clear information on the total—number of episodes. Well, we will wait for any announcement from the production team.

How Was The Reaction or Remark Of The Viewer On The Dreaming Boy A Realist Anime? 

The remarks on The Dreaming Boy a Realist have combined positive and negative. Some of the audience praised and appreciated this. They found a unique store with unforgettable characters that engaged them more, but some criticisms of this show. Whether you will enjoy it will depend on your personal preference.


In this article, we have discussed This Amazing Dreaming Boy, a Realist Anime episode 1; we have also narrated the storyline, character personality, and everything you should know about. Hopefully, you will like this.

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