Traveling with The Carry-On Roller is a stylish solution to the hassle of checking luggage. The Carry-On Roller and The Front Pocket Carry-On Roller are compact yet versatile options, while The Mini Roller can be perfect for kids. Find out how a full line of sizes and color choices for carry on luggage make it easy to carry-on in style.

Optional Front Pocket

Roller luggage with a butterfly opening simplifies the process of packing and unpacking. The design of The Front Pocket Carry-On Roller can provide ready access to certain items. A large molded front pocket on this compact roller luggage features a laptop compartment and room for accessories.

The standard Carry-On Roller is slightly larger than the version with a front pocket. One of the best features of the original design is the ability to expand an extra two inches to fit more contents. If you travel with a laptop, tablet or other articles to which you would like to have easy access, you might prefer an exterior pocket over additional interior space. 

Get a Matching Mini for Your Little Ones

Your family can travel in style with The Mini Roller luggage. A smaller version of The Carry-On roller has a similar style and many of the same features as the full-size roller, including a hard-sided exterior, 360-degree wheels and an extendable handle. Mini Roller suitcases also feature a padded exterior pocket sized to fit a tablet or 13-inch laptop.

The Mini Roller can be manageable for young children while still being convenient for you. This roller luggage is available in trending shades such as Atlas Pink and Slate, both of which match color options for The Carry-On Roller and Weekender bags. You can also coordinate Carry-On and Check-In luggage to travel in style and make it easier to spot your checked bags.

A Range of Colors and Sizes

The Carry-On Roller comes in the most color choices. The Front Pocket Carry-On Roller and The Mini Roller are available in more limited selections of colors, including colors that match options for the Carry-On Roller. You can invest in a complete matching set of luggage that includes Carry-On and Check-In Rollers.

Each of these designs differs slightly in size. In addition to considering color choices, you might also want to review a luggage size chart. If you want to be able to fit everything you need in a single carry-on, the difference in capacity between The Carry-On Roller and The Front Pocket Carry-On Roller could be a deciding factor. You should also check the carry-on size rules for your airline of choice.

Stylish Solutions for Longer Trips

On a longer trip, you might prefer to pair a larger Check-In Roller with a Carry-On Roller or an over-the-shoulder bag. Any size of roller bag can simplify packing and make it easier to navigate airports and transportation with your luggage in tow. Roller luggage makes it easy to carry on in style, whether you plan to just bring a carry-on or also check a suitcase.

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