Do you want to know what Jessie Murph age is? She is a multi talented girl who is also an uprising singer, TikTok star, songwriter, and a remarkable social media figure from the United States. After her lip syncing and dance video went viral, she was spotlighted on social media.

However, in 2019, Jessie Murph started her TikTok journey. She also launched tracks like Wild Ones, Always Been You & If I Died Last Night. She has a vast audience that loves Jessie and supports her. Thus, she has earned considerable fame and audience at such a young age. Many people want to know the actual age of this girl. In this blog, we will discover everything about Jessie Murphy age and more. 

Jessie Murph Age

Jessie Murph is one of the rising personalities of social media. She has rocked on social media with her multiple talents. She is 19 years old as of 2024. The star girl was born on 22 September 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Jessie is an American citizen of white descent. She was just 19 years old and became an impressive and emerging figure on social media.

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Biography Of Jessie Murph

Jessie Murph

She was born on 22 September 2004 in Nashville, United States. She was an emerging personality on TikTok who was raised in a musical environment, as her parents were musicians. Jessie also walked on her parent’s footsteps as she was interested in the music field from a young age. She got her education from the private school, and during her high school time, she displayed her talent and skill as a competitive cheerleader. With her dedication and passion, she went into a music career. Jessie started her career at TikTok by creating attractive, captivating songs and left-side performances on her account “Jessiemurphhh.” However, with dedication and hard work, she rapidly gained a huge following of over 10 million audiences on social media platforms.

She launched her single “Always Been You,” which rose to success and had 70 million views on Spotify in 2021. Thus, this song made Jessie highlight in the musical industry, and this song also became the reason for her popularity and fame at such a young age. Her solo performance became more attractive and captured a heartwarming movement when she invited her mother on stage to join her in one of the concert performances. That movement of the dude performance of this mother and daughter makes the audience excited and impressed.

Meanwhile, With her Magical And impressive performances, She has always successfully attracted and captured audiences worldwide, Leaving an Incredible Mark on the music industry. Thus, for the American music industry Jessie is an impressive, multi-talented girl who rocked. 

Career Journey Of Jessie Murph

Jessie Murph began her career journey in 2019 to create a TikTok account as a social media influencer with massive popularity and fame. She started sharing several types of videos: short videos, lip-syncing videos, dance performance videos, and some trendy videos. However, in charge, there are lots of struggles and challenges in videos, but later on, her videos in 2022 went viral and attracted an audience. Meanwhile, at the start, she Had just a few hundred thousand followers on the ticktok, but later on, as her videos got a virus and gained Millions of views, she Gained1.5 million followers in a few months. 

However, after becoming a social media sensation creator, she can fulfill her dream of becoming a singer. She takes advantage of it and wants a perfect moment to start her music career. She started creating her songs at 11 years old and displaying her talent and skill with the musical tools of piano, guitar, and ukulele. She posts different song covers on her YouTube channel before launching her official song. Jessie debuted by releasing a single called “Upgrade” In January 2021. She started throwing songs like” When I’m Not Around “& “Sobriety throughout that year.” Overall, she had a total of 11 songs without collaboration. She also released several albums, including the latest “Texas.”

Personal Information Of Jessie Murph

Jessie Murph age

Here are some of the personal information of Jessie Murph 


She is a well-known and famous singer and social media star who stands average. The Jessie murph height is 5 feet 2 inches. She has a dynamic personality with attention toward her figure. 

Zodiac Sign

Jessie was born on 22 September 2004 under Virgos zodiac sign. They are mainly known for their practical and dedicated passion for their work. 


As she is a social media star, she has maintained her figure too. She weighs approximately 50 kg, which is perfect for her age leading to a healthy and ideal figure. 

Hair Color & Eye Color

She also maintains herself and has striking black hair and piercing light blue eyes. She has a captivating eye and hair color that captures the audience with her features. 


Jessie’s Murph was currently single and wanted to give her career total attention, and she didn’t have any romantic connection with anyone. Thus, she has full attention and focus on the career journey.


Jessie Murph has a musical background and was fulfilling her parents’ footprint as they are both musical people and have a crucial role in building Jessie’s career. However, it is undoubtedly said that Jessie wouldn’t be here without her parents’ support.

Jessie Murph Networth

Jessie Murph is an up-rising star with a massive social media audience. She has estimated $1.2 million from her music career, sponsorship & promotion.

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Wrap Up

Jessie Murph is an emerging and well-known personality of TikTok and the musical industry. However, she had a career at such a young age and won dedication and passion. She continued her dreams and fulfilled them. She has launched many songs that are hits and famous, and that’s the reason for Jessie’s popularity.

Additionally, the fans and audience are shocked that she has achieved many goals at a young age as Jessie murph age is only 19 years. One of the most asked questions Is about Jessie Murph’s age. However, we also have to disclose personal details like parents, height, weight, zodiac sign, and more. 

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