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Valentine’s Day is the time to show your love and affection to your partner, and can you find any better way to do so than laying a carefully crafted, delectable feast? Whether you are considering cooking the dishes by yourself, ordering them from the restaurant, or getting them prepared by a professional chef, you must always make sure that you choose the menu that aligns with your darling’s taste preferences.

Are you planning a surprise dinner for your better half this Valentine’s Day? If yes, then here are some ideas that you can include on your dinner table to make your day memorable and also fill up your hearts and stomachs. So, let’s look at some scrumptious dishes that are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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1] Start The Feast With Flirtatious Appetizers

When you are preparing for a romantic Valentine’s Day feast, you must start with enticing starters such as heart-shaped potato chips, paneer fingers, sweet and spicy chicken wings, oysters, and many more. These are not as heavy as the main course hence, you will still have empty spaces in your stomach after having a plate full of appetizers. This is just the beginning of a romantic evening, and this is the first and most important step to set the mood just right.

2] Love Every Bite Of Your Side Dishes

Before you order or prepare the main dishes, you can decide on a few side dishes that blend well with other food items. You can opt for pieces of delicious Valentine’s cake, garlic bread, roasted potato, fermented radish, pickled vegetables, cupcakes, macarons, and others so that you can enjoy different flavours of the dishes. Side dishes are the ones that complement your main dish and enhance your dining experience, so you must be mindful while choosing them.

3] Enjoy The Culinary Affair With Main Course

This is the main part of your romantic dinner date, so make sure that the food items align with your partner’s favourites. You can also order some items that are equally loved by both of you so that you can savour the taste while indulging in the couple’s conversation. White sauce pasta, medium-cooked steak, salmon skewers, chicken fillets, roasted mushrooms, etc, are some of the popular dishes that you can have as a main course during your Valentine’s meal.

4] You Cannot Ignore Adding A Salad Platter

Another food item that you must definitely add to your dinner table is a plate of salad that offers you a refreshing and savoury taste. These plates go on as long as your main course does because you eat salads in between the courses. There are various types of salads, namely Italian salad, tomato salad, mixed veggie salad, fruit salad, and more, so you can choose the one that you or your partner wants to try. Salads include ingredients that have antioxidant properties that offer you several health benefits, so you must have them on the table.

5] Make A Toast To Love With Sparkling Drinks

You cannot leave out delicious, refreshing, and amazing sparkling drinks and spirits that complement the dishes on your table. Whether you choose champagne, wine, watermelon juice, coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, you must make sure that it doesn’t overpower the taste that the appetizers, side dishes, and main course offer you. You can consider asking for recommendations from the experts so that your dining experience will be heaven and you can create romantic and beautiful memories with your partner.

6] Feast Never Concludes Without A Dessert

You cannot end your dinner without having any sweet dish or dessert, and since it’s Valentine’s Day, a cake is a must. Whether you are celebrating this day at home, a special venue, or a restaurant, you can get an Online cake delivery in Delhi or your residential area to commemorate the day. The cake is the highlight of the dinner, so you must choose the one that fits in perfectly with the theme and occasion. For example, red velvet cake is the most popular cake that is bought during this time, so you can opt for that to consider other delicious options.

7] Consider A Perfect Ambiance To Set The Mood

A dining experience is on point if the ambience that you set is just right; hence, you must pay attention to the smallest details of the decorations. From the entrance to the tablecloth to the chairs on which you’ll sit and the cutlery that’ll be used, you must look out for each and everything whether you are celebrating at home or outside. Also, you must consider the lighting and floral arrangements of the place as they are crucial elements that play a big role in setting up a romantic mood for dining.


In conclusion, whether you are planning to celebrate your Valentine’s Day at home or outside, food and dining are important aspects that you must take care of. You must carefully choose everything from appetizers to main courses to desserts if you want to have an excellent romantic dining experience with your partner on a day that is meant for lovers.

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