The radio freaks who have been using radio frequently might have heard about the celebrity and the queen of the radio “Shirley strawberry”. While, if you are new to the radio then you might have no idea about her and might be wandering around to explore about her. So Shirley Strawberry is the co-host of the urban radio morning show and is recognized all across. She is the number one co host across all radio shows. She is mainly known for her co hosting skills at the show of Steve Harvey Morning Show. 

Well, you have now gotten an idea about Shirley and now will be wondering to explore a little more about her career. So Shirley mainly started her career in the Chicago by working as a co host of the Doug Banks show. The show that has secured a spot in the KKBT FM Los Angeles and is highly popular. This, together with the immense talent and the career details you have got a true idea about the boss lady.

Well, nowadays the hype is going on regarding the Shirley Strawberry’s personal life, especially the Shirley Strawberry husband. So below we first are going to discuss it!

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Who Is Shirley Strawberry Husband?

Although Shirley most of the time has been seen keeping her personal life out of glam. touch yet most of the people want to find and know about her husband. So the Shirley Strawberry Husband name is Ernesto Williams. Ernesto Williams however has been married twice. His first wife is a vlogger and her name is Edith Williams. Thr couple remained in the marriage for 37 years. On the other hand, Shirley was also in marriage to a person named Jimmy, and got divorced. After the file of divorce, Ernesto started dating Shirley and both started dating in 2013. It was the coincidental most which turned out to be real fun and thus with a long dating period of more than 5 years. The two persons Shirley Strawberry and Ernesto Williams tied the knot on 2 January 2019. Thus Ernesto Williams is the husband of Shirley Strawberry.

Ernesto Williams And His Details

As we have discussed above that Ernesto Williams is the husband of Shirley Strawberry and is known across due to his exclusive skills. Ernesto Williams is known as the most popular artist and the hairs stylish businessman and hence owns a goodness of business. He was born back in 1965 in a small locality in Georgia, United States of America. While the living is based on to business he manages he is 58 years old altogether and religiously seems to follow the religion of Christianity.

What Does Shirley Husband Do?

He is the businessman who holds the salon for the males. Previously he was the hair stylist himself and soon with his set of skills that got immense popularity, he started turning the tables down, making himself the number one hair stylist in the USA and Georgia. 

The business name of Ernesto Williams is “Ernesto’s Cuts / the original 24-hour barber shop”. The business seems to be quite small but it has a great bloom. Ernesto has earned a lot from it, making up a net worth of $700,000. Their net worth is gained by Ernesto by involving himself in the business and the entertainment collaborations with his wife.

So this is the total living base of the Ernesto Williams.

Shirley And Ernesto’s Relationship And Marriage

The marriage of Ernesto Williams and Shirley Strawberry was started in 2013 till date including the 5 years of their dating period. However, in all these years the two couple individuals have never been seen in to any difficulty and hence always been in love. 

Yet recently there have been a few controversies that added up real queries to the mind of the people who want to explore a little more. Well, the very first query is what are these controversies that have added real fuss?

Controversies Regarding Ernesto

There have been various controversies regarding Ernesto and people have been blaming him. Well from the start Ernesto is a controversial personality due to his few aspects. While recently he has been in the spotlight due to his controversial nature acts and personality. Thus surely this might shock you but what was the overcome of it is really shocking the Ernesto was charged with venous cases leading to jail that shocked his people around and the Shirley too.

You now might want to know what and why he was jailed. What were the charges on him and was that serious that led to the jail? So here we are working to discuss it!

Why Is Shirley’s Husband Ernesto In Jail?

The Shirley strawberry husband aka Ernesto Williams was recently been caught red-handed and hence charged with the offensive cases that are quite surprising. He was charged with the illegal gun possession which is highly unacceptable in the US law. However, there have been charges on it of the theft, fraud, and the child pornography. While the charges he got were really disheartening and got really shocking remarks by his own people and he had always been considered a successful businessman and had never been marked with such a face. 

Hence with all these charges, he is currently convicted of nine counts rules of the Court of Justice and thus has received the punishment of 23 months in prison.

Shirley’s Apologetic Call To Steve Harvey 

As the jail cell’s immense heated exchange rises to the peak. There have been leaked phone call recordings of Shirley and her prison husband leading to the uncomfortable positions for the Steve Harvey and the Shirley. However, later on, Shirley made it right and apologized for the content she was discussing on the phone which was leaked later on.


Thus we have discussed all about the Shirley Strawberry and Shirley Strawberry husband, Ernesto Williams who was severely charged and jailed for the illegal activities leading to huge shocks and curiosities.

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