Tooth decay is often called cavities. One common characteristic of tooth decay is having holes in the tooth’s surface area. It is also a sign that the tooth is seriously damaged. It causes the owner to feel pain, bleed, or be sensitive to food. Usually, the affected tooth would shake. 

The sad thing about cavities is that their effects are often permanent. Although this doesn’t mean there is no solution, the solutions usually include the removal of the affected teeth or fillings, among others. Generally, it is advisable to prevent tooth decay than cure it. This article will look at the causes and how to avoid them.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay 

First, let’s be sure that what you’re experiencing is tooth decay. Some of the things you will notice when you have tooth decay include the following: 


This is common when trying to chew, like a piece of meat or coconut. You’ll feel a sharp pain around the affected tooth. That’s a sign you have cavities, and you need to do something as soon as possible. If you don’t take action, the cavities will become worse. You allow more bacteria to grow and attract more significant health issues.  

Colored Teeth

Another sign of cavities is having colored teeth. When the tooth is colored in another shade of white, brown, or black, this could be a sign of a tooth cavity. Please note when the teeth are colored and if there is a hole in the tooth, precisely in the colored areas. 

Do not confuse tooth stain with tooth cavity because they both give your teeth a different color other than white. Usually, tooth stains are easy to remove with brushing or flossing because they are just stains you get from food or habits such as smoking. 

Consult a professional for clarifications if you’re unsure. Dental clinics like Vera Smile may offer the solution you need in this case.

Sensitivity to Types of Food

When you have cavities, your teeth may become sensitive to different kinds of food all of a sudden. For instance, becoming sensitive to hot or cold meals could be another sign of cavities.

Holes in Your Tooth

You may have cavities if you can see holes in your teeth when you look in the mirror. It is one of the most common signs of tooth decay and can be extremely painful.

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Causes of Tooth Decay 

The primary cause of cavities is bacteria. So, how do you get bacteria in your mouth, and how do they cause decay? Usually, we consume bacteria along with the food we eat. Also, some forms of bacteria are already in the mouth of every living human being. They act on food we consume to aid digestion or help to process food alongside the saliva. The problem starts when you have leftover or food residue on the teeth and don’t clean them well enough.

Bacteria act on this residue on the teeth and continue to act on it until they start making holes in the enamel of your teeth. Your enamel is the outer layer of your teeth. Once this happens, you will see holes in the teeth and sometimes a stain that looks permanent. 

Some other activities that could lead to cavities include eating lots of sugary things (bacteria’s favorite things to act upon). Smoking is another activity that could cause tooth decay. 

Over time, what looks like a tiny hole becomes bigger. Such openings become a spot for more damage. Aside from bad breath, tooth decay can lead to other serious heart problems. 

How To Prevent Tooth Decay 

You can prevent tooth decay through adequate oral hygiene. However, some people are more prone to tooth decay than others. Examples of people who are likely to have them are those with tooth problems. Others include people with crowded teeth, as it means there is a lot of room for residue and for bacteria to act on them. For specific recommendations, you should consult a professional. 

Below is general information on how to prevent tooth cavities: 

  • Brush the teeth twice daily, once in the morning and the other before you sleep ;
  • Use fluoride toothpaste when you brush ;
  • Take your time when brushing your teeth ;
  • Consume sugary substances with caution. Excessive consumption can indirectly lead to tooth problems ;
  • Consult your dentist regularly for checkups.

Prevent Tooth Decay Before it Happens

Now you know all the causes of tooth decay. You can take proactive steps to prevent it by caring for your teeth. Most importantly, consult a professional dentist regularly.

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