Adding a touch of fluid animation to your social content is sure to charm your audience, and tick them to the channel. But, how do you go about animation?

How do you start with animating your video content, especially if you don’t have the creative acumen, or animation skills?

Is it better to purchase your own equipment?

Certainly not. You don’t need skills. You don’t need expensive equipment, which is likely to break the bank.

All you have to do is outsource your work to an animation company.

Here are five of the best names in the animation industry:


BuzzFlick is one of top animation companies in the United States. Within a span of only eight years, this brand is all set to grow into a big animation company that is heads up to join hands with any brand, from any industry.

BuzzFlick’s vision is crystal clear. They just want to fill their canvas with truly amazing stories painted with animation. Their clientele comprises brands coming from the SaaS and tech industry.

BuzzFlick is out there to help these startups and tech brands to scale fast with high-converting explainer creatives. They offer you an exciting range of animation to get started. You can go old school with 2D, or even take a step further with the 3D animated version.

They’re hands down one of the best 3d animation services usa,


Number two on this list is Yans Media. They’re one of the best when it comes to creating eye-gazing animated content. If you have a look at some of the best works from their portfolio, you’re sure to be hypnotized by the creativity, and the dreamy characters that take hold of the scene.

Yans Media is creative, relatively older than other brands on this list, and is popular among clients for bringing an enriching and entirely new perspective to the brand’s concept. You must check out their explainer creatives on this website.


Another name that has made remarkable headway in the animation industry is MotionStory. With over a decade of experience in the highly competitive sphere of 2D and 3D animation, Motion Story is breaking records, and revolutionizing the animation game.

You can tell how cool the designers are by looking at the portfolio at their website. Animation is super-smooth, and the level of detail is just surreal! You can’t ask for better quality of animation.

What makes them stand out from the rest is the solid portfolio. Moreover, one of their biggest assets is the talented creatives who’ve helped them create outstanding TVCs, and explainer creatives. They’re hands down, if not the best, a highly remarkable brand in the creative space.

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4.Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is one of those companies that has been growing and probably the biggest in terms of scale among other players mentioned in this list. Explain Ninja has a fantastic portfolio that speaks volumes about the talent of their creatives, and animators.

To them explaining concepts is a ninja work. It’s super-fast, clinical, and right on the spot! Messaging is not just precise, but really impressive. You can check out their portfolio on their website.

What keeps them ahead of others, and continuously growing in their utmost commitment to not only being productive, but actually producing quality and mastering their craft with grit and passion.

More importantly, the team at Explain Ninja is known for involving clients in every aspect of their project. From conception to scripting, storyboarding to asset development, from animation to final render, and the perfect launch!

5.Nice Shit Video

Nice Shit Video may be fifth on this list, but don’t mistake them to be any less than others. Their animation work is seriously nice. Clientele is really diverse with companies and brands from challenging, and exciting niches.

Nice Shit Video has a team that hails from Barcelona, and is seriously committed to producing creative artwork for its clients. The team is a team of highly talented artists and designers, who just want to cut through the noise with minimalist artwork in their animated videos.

Minimalist artwork allows brands to emphasize on ease of comprehension for their message. More importantly, Nice Shit Video has a strong presence across its social platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

So, social presence underpins their growth. If you’re looking for more companies that are best to outsource your animation work, then check out the best Animation Outsourcing Companies

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. Creating animation videos for your social media content doesn’t have to be stressful at all. You don’t need to pour money into expensive equipment. No need to break the bank!

Simply outsource your work to a professional animation agency. And, they’ll take it up from there. We have listed five of the best animation agencies in this blog. Feel free to bookmark this page, and return for information.

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