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For an entrepreneur, do you aspire to grow your company in Hong Kong? Will you outsource your payrolls and manpower needs? In case, you will go all out to penetrate such a private employment market by incorporating local divisions into your business and legal field of life properly. These firms specialize in payroll and employment matters, liberating you to focus on your core business undertakings. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best 5 EOR firms in Hong Kong. So let’s begin and discover how they can assist your firm!

1. BGC Group

In the locality, BGC Group is one of top providers of EOR services that have gained popularity for delivering outstanding support and subject-area expertise. They provide total payroll and employment services that is its team of qualified professionals give you all your needs regarding the current issue. The latter offers payroll and benefits management, employee onboarding as well off boarding to a local employment law compliance. With the BGC Group, whether you are a large multi-national company or just starting up as an individual, their services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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2. Horizons

Another respectable EOR business operating in Hong Kong is Horizons. They are proud of their commitment to the pursuit of perfection, serving customers. They are a trusted partner to companies of every kind, hence have created their niche in the industry. Horizons undertakes all the administrative responsibilities on your behalf like employing people, managing staff through management of taxes and handling social security contributions among others. Outsourcing your hiring requirements to them would enable you to comply with local rules as well, save money and time.

3. INS Global

The excellent company that has always been associated with superior quality services customized to your needs is INS Global. They have solutions that are custom designed to meet your needs because they realize different business information processing requirements. INS Global promises easy onboard operations and staff provisioned with their specialization in payroll management and employment compliance. For any type of work visa, contract or payroll administration service…INS Global is here to ensure that they are done smoothly. When you work with us, your HR processes will be easier and this way, allow time to focus on what they love the most – building a business.

4. Acclime

Acclime is a body of professionals which specializes in Hong Kong’s job market. They offer a range of fully comprehensive services intended to simplify your HR procedures. They also provide payroll processing, employee benefits administration as well as compliance management. As a result, with the comprehensive understanding of regional laws Acclime ensures that your company meets all employment standards. With this in mind you can focus on how your business would grow fast and at the same time have peace knowing all their payroll solutions have been done.

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5. HROne

HROne can be considered as a trusted companion in the foreign firm’s penetration to Hong Kong market due to its international network. They offer comprehensive EOR services which include processing payroll, providing benefits for employees such as onboarding human resources and hiring. It is because of this wide network that they can help you in identifying the best workforce for your organization. Moreover, HROne simplifies compliance management making sure that your company follows all relevant local employment laws. It is easy to make your way through the quirks in this market with their help.

As a final note, the move to recruit EOR firm services may radically change your company if you plan on outsourcing payroll and personnel needs in Hong Kong. Considering their expertise, you can be certain of compliance and hence make the HR processes less complicated while focusing on major business operations. Thus, don’t be afraid to look into the offerings of these top 5 EOR Hong Kong Companies: BGC Group, Acclime, Horizons, INS Global and HROne. Using the ideal option mentioned below for your business, move on towards high success from here.

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