The 3rd oldest regularly functioning business name is Hemer Pickering Funeral and Cremation Service. The Taylor County community has come to expect what different communities look for the caring and professional work seen by the people at Hemer Pickering Funeral and Cremation Service. This service is available 365 days a year and 24 hours a week; if you wish to spend some time with the deceased to say goodbye that is undoubtedly acceptable, your funeral will be on time at the right place, any time you can request immediate assistance.

Information About Stacy Pickering

Stacy has been attached to the funeral service since 1999. She is from Eagan, MN, and completed her graduation with a B.S. degree from the University of M.N. Mortuary Science. Then, she joined Chippewa Falls as a funeral director, and in 2012, she became a partner in the business. She built her interest in that business and purchased Hemer Funeral in March 2021.

Colton Freiberg, Dedicated Employee

In May 2016, Colton Freiberg joined Hemer Funeral Home. he was born and raised In Medford, graduated in the funeral service program at Milwaukee Area Technical College in West Allis, and attended UW-Stevens Point before working at Hemer Funeral Home. Colton worked for different funeral homes in Baraboo and in the Milwaukee Area.

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Information About Previous Owner

Jeffrey attended Hemer Funeral Home in July of 1980 after completing his education in the funeral service program at Milwaukee Area Technical College. He was a fourth-generation previous owner and funeral director and attended UW-Eau Claire from 1980 onward. He co-operated and co-owned this 4-generation family funeral home with his brother, J. Mark Hemer. In July of 2006, Jeff was responsible as sole owner due to his brother’s retirement, and he purchased all his shares.

Kathy Hemer is Jeff’s wife. He married her, a family nurse, giving her services as a nurse with the Medford Clinic. Megan, Ethan, and Ben are the three kids of them. He sold his business to Stacy Pickering in May 2021 after his retirement.

Funeral Planning In Advance 

Another dedicated employee named Jamie Allar joined Hemer Funeral Home families in 2016. Jamie is well qualified to help families with all types of planning; she worked as a Wisconsin-certified agent for Burial Agreement and Life insurance intermediaries; all information that can be pre-arranged, for example, services and merchandise selection, different biographical information, personal details, and arrangements of fundings.

Same as with other end-of-life documents. The pre-funeral plan gives peace of mind. Already, decisions made in advance give relaxation and reassurance to families in the tight time of loss. Making sufficient funds accessible to bear final expenses is a concern for many. Pre-planning of funeral plans prevents unforeseen obstacles like financial problems and family disagreements.

History Of Hemer Funeral Home

An expert cabinet maker trader, Fred J Hartwigh, started a furniture undertaking establishment in 1888 at Medford. He started at first by making coffins. In 1891, he started the record-keeping responsibility and making bodies for burial, the works of the early undertakers; in 1906, he decided to sell out his business to his sons Theodore C Hartwig and Len Latton. 1927, Fred died. he was the grandfather, and his son Ted was the great-uncle of the current owner.

Ted Hartwig and Werner Pflughoeft started Pflughoeft and Hartwing Furniture and Undertaking in 1913; they worked in a storefront on Downtown Medford Main Street

in the starting month of 1930. They bought a building on the Division’s corner and second streets, and the funeral Pflughoeft and Hartwig based out of it

was in 1938; the nephews and brothers Earle and David Ruesch connected with Pflughoeft and Hartwig furniture and undertaking. In 1940 Teb Hartwig died.

The Ruesch brothers separated from Pflughoeft and Hartwig in 1942 and started their own business named the Ruesch Funeral Home at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue in Spruce Street. After four years, Werner Pflughoeft sold out his business interest to the Ruesch brothers, and after this, a new firm named HarName and Ruesch Furniture and Undertaking was built. The firm once again established its home at the corner of Division and Second Streets.

At the start of the 1950s, the Ruesch brothers bought the interests of the widow of Ted Hartwing. Her Name was MaName, and then she phased out the Hartwig name. After that, Ruesch shifted to Colorado in 1857; the following year, David Ruesch’s first cousin, John Hemer, joined him. Now a day, it’s known as Ruesch Funeral Service. The business was incorporated in 1960.

In early 1965, a new funeral home was established at the corner of Gibson Avenue and Cedar Street.

In 1971, David Ruesch retired with his services, and Mr. and Mrs. John Hemer bought the funeral business after changing the Name of HemNameuneral Service, Inc. Mr. Ruesch died in 1985

J. Mark Hemer connected with the firm in 1974, and Jeff associated with it in 1980; in 1978, John Hemer retired and died in 1982. Jane Hemer retired in 1989 and died in 2008. The firm is owned by Fred J Hartwig, the founder’s grandson.

On February 1, 2012, The Hemer Funeral Service, Inc. purchased the assets of Dallmann Kniewel Funeral Homes of Rib Lake and Medford. In May 2016, Colton Freiberg joined the firm. In 2021, Stacy Pickering purchased the business from Jeff Herner. The Name of the funeral home was changed, and the new Name is HemNameickerign Funeral Home. In 2023, the Rib Lake Location was sold out as a private residence.


Funerals play an essential role for those people who mourn the shape of their family members. Giving surviving family members and loved ones a feeling of care and support contributes to feeling and remembering the death of loved ones. The first step is funerals, which are part of the healing process; it is a common way to recognize and respect death. Funerals are important rituals for the living that show respect for the death of your loved ones and also give help to survivors to start the process of grieving.

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