Do you want to know about an emerging and popular TikTok star? Kyla Yesenosky is a famous American TikTok star. She was mainly known for their beauty, fashion, style Content as well as trends, dance, and comedy videos. She has a massive audience on social media platforms. She also uploads reels and content related to traveling that also attracts the audience. However, Kyla Yesenosky followers also find her YouTube channels a hub of entertainment as she posts a variety of content. Through which she has a massive subscribers on it. Meanwhile, if you want to explore more about kyla yesenosky, here we will figure out her biography, age, birthday, family, boyfriend, physical appearance, and more. 

Biography Of Kyla Yesenosky

Kyla Yesenosky is one of the famous and well-known personalities on TikTok. She was born on 18 October 1999 in New York, United States, and had the astrological sign of Libra. She belongs to the mixed ethnicity that Kyla’s father is from Slovakia and her mother belongs to the Philippines. As Kyla’s early life expanded into Pennsylvania, she attended Pennsbury High School. Kyla graduated in 2017 and enrolled in Temple University with a marketing degree. 

Meanwhile, She started her digital journey in March 2022 with a captivating audience and entertaining content on her TikTok account “kylaYesenosky.” She uploads a variety of content like beauty tips ,friends dance videos and comedy, and has a massive following of 250,000 fans. However,with the Rapid fame in the world of the digital where she showcased her talent, skills & interest impressed the audience. 

Apart from TikTok, Kyla also extended a presence to more social media platforms like Instagram. She started sharing the attracting and capturing travel trips reaching Florida and Los Angeles destinations. Kyla Yesenosky Instagram accounts also display glimpses of her adventures, amazing travel journey, and love for exploration. Meanwhile, she also handles a successful and entertaining YouTube channel where she uploads various videos of shopping hauls and bikini try-on videos. However, with the Rapid success, she gained 1.9k subscribers on her YouTube channel and became a vast Kyla fan base. However, Kyla’s rapid fame on social media platforms has just given Kyla a massive online presence. As one of the TikTok videos got the music by Travis Scott viral in April 2022, that video took Kyla into the spotlight of the world of talent and skill. Overall, Kyla has come to this point with her dedication and passion, showing her energy, creativity, skill, and talent in a vast digital world.

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Career Journey Of Kyla Yesenosky

Kyla Yesenosky started her career journey on YouTube in 2019, where she first released a video titled” Cute Miami Vacation Dress Haul.” With her bikini try-on hauls, shopping vlog, and a couple of challenges, she gained the attention and focus of a vast audience. However, her boyfriend is also a YouTube star. They both made a couple of videos, contributing to Kyla’s successful journey, as the fans loved their couple of videos. As she gets millions of views on her channel.

Meanwhile, Kyla Yesenosky is also active on YouTube, where she uploads various content like dancing videos, lip-syncing, viral trends, and more. Kyla collaborates with her boyfriend and other TikTok stars. However, their couple of videos mostly get more popularity than others in which they do challenges and pranks.

Additionally, she gets a million views and likes on her videos. She also shares some travel journey tips and videos. She collaborates with other creators and promotes various brands on her social media accounts. 

Overall, Kyla Yesenosky is the best influencer with a massive audience and provides content like lip-syncing videos, dancing videos, viral trends, challenges, prank videos with her boyfriend, and more. She is mainly known for her fashion, beauty, and stylish lifestyle that attracts the audience. 

Kyla Yesenosky Personal Information

Here is extensive information on Kyla Yesenosky personal life and personal details. Let’s explore. 

Kyla Yesenosky Age

Kyla is an emerging social media star with a vast fan following in the digital world. Meanwhile, she has gained fame at a young age. On 18 October 1999, Kyla was born in the United States of America. She is 24 years old as of 2023, with the astrological sign of Libra as per his birth date. 

Kyla’s Height

She is a well-known social media star who is known for beauty, fashion & style. Yes, she stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches, which is approximately 163 CM tall. However, average height has a significant contribution to his overall physique. 

Kyla’s Weight

As an up-rising star of the world, she has maintained herself with 51 kg weight. According to her, she has held a good look and has added a stunning look to her look. 

Kyla Yesenosky Family

Kyla is blessed with her parents, who always support her in digital journey. Her father & Mother, Mr & Mrs Yesenosky. Meanwhile, her father is from Slovakia, and her mother is from the Philippines. Furthermore, she didn’t share any specific details about her family. 

Kyla’s Zodiac Sign

As per Kyla’s birthdate, she is under the astrological sign of Libra. The Libra are known for their harmonious relationships and fair nature. They are good at communication and have excellent and real friends, as the Libra are creative and have a good sense of humor.

Kyla Yesenosky Boyfriend

We discussed the Kyla relationship she is currently dating with Biagio Lazarus, a well-known YouTuber and social media figure. They both met in 2019 to start dating in 2022, and up till now, they both made different couple videos and their pranks were also loved by the audience. Their cute and funny Chemistry on social media impressed the audience. However, they created an account on TikTok where they posted a couple of videos. Moreover , they have a cute pet dog & both live together in Los Angeles, California.

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Kyla Yesenosky Net Worth

Kyla Yesenosky is an emerging star with an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023. Overall, she earns from various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and her Tiktok account, as well as sponsored and promotional content. She also has a business of her own merchandise, such as hoodies, t-shirts, and phone covers or more. 

Wrap Up

Kyla Yesenosky is an up-rising superstar working on YouTube, Instagram, and mainly on TikTok. She has rapidly gained considerable popularity since she started her journey in 2019 and has a massive fan base. Her parents also support Kyla, but we didn’t have any specific information about them. Apart from that, she is dating a YouTuber; they both create a couple of videos that are mainly loved by the audience. Hence, they both lived together and had a loving and cute chemistry. Kyla’s dedication and passion made her successful, and she has a net worth of $ 500,000.

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